Turbo boost your practise now

Do you want to get started helping people right away? Imagine if you had to design your logo, your website, business cards, appointment cards, paperwork and then you have to type all your paperwork up ready for your sessions, then think about the cost of $’s and time!

We have created a business in a box, everything you need to get started right away, if you are an NLP practitioner then you could be up and running within a week. If you want to become a coach then you can come along and train with us and then come on board.  We just need to ensure our values are aligned and have an online test as well as a Skype virtual coffee with Amanda to make sure you are happy with everything before joining us.

What will you get?Your own pages on the site, all your branded paperwork, all your clients paperwork, resources, support, a private forum for all our coaches to share and learn, even your car branded if you wish, your office branded, you name it we have branded it, so you can be professional and start right away.

Our website cost us $30,000 to build so it is an all singing and dancing site.  Take a look at the two videos below, what you get in your business in a box and what our students think then fill out the contact box next door and we will contact you with the next steps. We have also just recruited a google specialist to ensure we are on page one as well as handling our online marketing going forward.

If you want to see the client facing site in more depth then hop there now or if you want more info right away about the coaches site then you can check that out now and go from the get started page.

What's in the box?

What our students and coaches really think?

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