How to become an NLP Practitioner

ABNLPHow do I go about learning NLP?

Anyone can learn NLP and people often attend NLP practitioner programmes to learn skills for themselves to use in their work, relationships, spiritual journey and more.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK) says that people attending NLP programmes regularly comment on:

  • an increased sense of well-being
  • success in their ability to influence themselves and others in the way that they want
  • improved relationships
  • success in their work
  • a realisation of their true calling
  • greater self-reliance and confidence

NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy® Practitioner and NLP Coach in Queenstown

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Three Accreditations in one course:

1.NLP Practitioner

2.Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training

3.NLP Coach

Why take our training?

This training allows the successful graduate to become Board Certified in the leading fields of Executive and Life Coaching, as well as NLP, TLT/CYF and Hypnosis. International Coach Federation (ICF) standards are met and exceeded using the quantum change technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis in a quantifiable standard. This 9 day Program is designed with the busy professional in mind. Through the application of the advanced quantum technologies, and a multimedia pre-study, this training is completed with an 9 day on-site intensive practicum.

This training has a high ratio of trainers to students in order to support each candidate in the fun and fast-paced environment. You'll receive the attention and the immediate feedback you need to reinforce your own success. Seats are very limited, so sign up early.

Why our NLP Practitioner Coach Training?

NLP = Results!  Today, there are major career and business opportunities to make money while you help your company, business, or clients to reach their goals as a Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. NLP Practitioners and NLP Coaches are in demand the world over. It is a great investment for your future. Current graduates who are following the business model given in the course have waiting lists of 3-6 weeks.

During this 9 day on-site intensive program you will qualify for Three Board Certifications and Professional Designations:

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach (Executive & Life)
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Certification, successful evaluation(s), passing the open-book board exam and entrance into the Boards will also allow the candidate to practise any or all of the above listed modalities. Graduates may do this as entrepreneurs within their own business or as intrepreneurs by creating and leveraging these trainings to support their teams and organization. It's a win-win. Any organization can say "Certified". "Board Certified" speaks to the international recognition and transferability of your credentials and an ease in leveraging your certification as a marketing tool both for yourself and your organization. Very few training organizations on the planet can offer this to you.

Since our candidates arrive from many different professional backgrounds, you will be participating in a dynamic and energized environment that facilitates the application of the Practitioner Level Techniques in many different career areas. This exposure heightens the candidate's ability to facilitate across multiple fields immediately upon graduation.

This is a 9 day course introduces you to the NLP approach and gives you practical experience with the way NLP can make an immediate difference to your sense of control over your life, and to your ability to build relationships. Many people attend this course to take these skills with them on their journey through their career and to effect dramatic change in their own life.

We have designed this course in such a way that you will see these tools being used with the public, real people making real changes. You will learn how to help others to do the same and if you wish to become a coach with Your Life Live It then after qualifing it could be possible for you to be coaching within two weeks.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Develop the internal flexibility and emotional strength to respond appropriately and creatively to events and changes in your work and your life
  • Achieve a state of openness and acceptance of the stimuli for learning that exist in all contexts of your work and life Learn how to build and commit to long term relationships that are fulfilling and successful
  • Listen in a way that you discover your deepest desires and enable others to do the same
  • Realise a state of continuous learning though your ability to give and receive feedback
  • Learn how to care and respect yourself both your body and your mind
  • Embrace and learn from all emotions
  • Coach yourself and others to increasingly approach your and their true potential
  • Demonstrate the use of your learning in your work and at home in a way that is valued and encouraged by the significant people in your life
  • Develop your sense of ownership and accountability and encourage others to do the same
  • Learn how to achieve an emotional 'game free' state
  • Discover how to achieve a purposeful life that is 'successful' on your terms
  • Be the example that influences others to your values
  • Deepen your state of internal rapport

The NLP Practitioners Course may be the beginning of an exciting journey for you, it is what we do on a daily basis and allows us to help others change their lives, you too can be a Coach with this Accreditation. We also run a course on how to be an effective Coach to support you in your chosen career, with an opportunity to become a Your Life Live It Coach. 

NLP Coach Practitioner Training Certificate:

Professional coaching is one of the fastest growing careers in the world and coaches are in high demand. Our internationally-recognized courses are designed for those who desire to become a professional coach on a full-time or part-time basis. Learn how the core principles of coaching are an asset for anyone in leadership roles in their homes, careers, and communities. Our innovative courses are also designed for traditional life and executive coaches who want to add state-of-the-art coaching tools and breakthrough skills developed from NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy.

Share your knowledge with friends to help them become more confident, more in control and start to create the life your really want…how would that feel?

We have lots of testimonials from clients who LOVE THIS PROGRAMME and have gone on to do amazing things.

The NLP Practitioners Course may be the beginning of an exciting journey for you, it is what we do on a daily basis and allows us to help others change their lives, you too can be a Coach with this Accreditation. We also run a courses on how to be an effective NLP Instructor to support you in your chosen career, this is a 9 day Instructors course, where upon qualifying you leave with3 signature two day courses ready to train, everything is done for you.

NLP in business

Basic NLP skills which improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting are all immediately applicable to the business world and have a proven positive effect on business performance. Specific skills for dealing with people who perceive the world differently from us will help improve relations with peers, bosses, customers, new prospects, and across cultural divides in multinational companies.

Many leaders and consultants in businesses have turned to the creative and innovative aspects of NLP for inspiration in organisational development, total quality management, team building and strategic planning.

Presentation skills and public speaking are an integral part of corporate life today. NLP emotional state-management techniques, language patterns and goal setting are vital to effective speaking and peak performance.

Outcomes for your Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Training

Tad James is the creator of the Time Line Therapy® Techniques so why not get your certification from the source? Amanda was trained by Tad James in Las Vegas, so you really are getting it from the man himself!

  • Gain total control of your life
  • Move through yours and others internal blocks
  • Eliminating negative emotions, beliefs and decisions
  • Make the right decisions
  • Get to know what you really want
  • Get motivated and stay motivated

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Payment options available: We will help you to be here.  Providing the full balance is paid for 1 week before the course starts you are all set to go. 


This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. So your certification has worldwide recognition.

It is also approved by the Time Line Therapy™ Association and you are learning with a Trainer who has personally and extensively trained with Tad James the founder of Time Line Therapy™

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International NLP Practitioner Certification

By achieving your Practitioner Certification, you will take a major leap in your own development and the development of others. Your outstanding level of knowledge and skills will open so many new doors for you and you may even find yourself going in new directions, which you never considered or even thought were possible, until now.

My certification

You have the freedom to use your certification in any area which you choose, providing it's legal and ethical of course. NLP can be used to great effect in any role.

Qualified NLP Practitioners are some of the most sought after skilled people in the world today. Their skills afford them the opportunity to become incredibly resourceful individuals with a passion for developing their own business and personal lives and also the lives of others.

We qualify you to the highest standard with four certificates as an International NLP Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® Hypnosis and NLP Coach all the American Boards of NLP, TLT and Hypnosis.

How would it be for you, knowing you have been trained by a registered, experienced and fully qualified NLP Trainer; have received an internationally recognised certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and become a member of one of the largest NLP professional bodies in the world?

Your NLP Practitioner training aligns with the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and will therefore hold its weight of having worldwide recognition.

You will of course include your qualification on your business cards, website, letter head, curriculum vitae (resume) and show everyone that you're open for business!

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